Analysing & Reacting

Our ambition is to be the premier platform for analysis and investments, providing a rapid and reliable source of information for all current and emerging crypto projects. We aspire to be the go-to resource, similar to how CoinMarketCap is the benchmark for price tracking.

Here are some of the factors analyzed by Next Gem AI for each token:

  1. Project Documentation: AI analyzes whitepapers and official documents to understand project objectives and technology.

  2. Market Data: Assesses real-time market trends to gauge current performance and potential

  3. Blockchain Transactions: Review smart contract activity for signs of security and functionality.

  4. Community Sentiments: AI evaluates social media and community forums to measure user sentiment and engagement.

  5. Tokenomics: Examines the token distribution, utility, and economic model to determine the project’s financial viability.

  6. Code Analysis: Scrutinizes the Github source code to identify originality and adherence to quality standards.

We analyze each project’s information through the biggest LLM available networks and summarize an average score on our platform. When we have all the artificial intelligence results computed, we fine-tune our agent by sending all the information pieces treated by all the models, allowing us to directly interact with the precise thoughts and responses of each. We want to improve the quality of due diligence research by effectively summarizing the most filtered data, removing the extra noises, and giving a score note to help you on your investment journey. While our platform utilizes the most advanced technology of our time to dig potential in various projects, its effectiveness depends on proper usage and vigilant market responsiveness.

We provide tools to filter out promising projects, but as with any powerful tool, it requires careful application and cannot guarantee success in any venture. A more concrete example, which is much harder for a human to filter and not be misled by malicious actors, concerns the authenticity of community engagement.

The most advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) currently on the market can apply sentiment and text content analysis to provide factual information about a project’s community. They quickly help to determine whether participants in a discussion, such as in a Telegram group, are genuine humans or bots. They assess whether these members are engaged or simply waiting for an airdrop or campaign rewards and distinguish between paid individuals feigning activity and genuinely enthusiastic members who are passionate about the project; this is analyzed by Next Gem AI.

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