Token Utility

Here's an overview of the token utility for $GEMAI token:

  1. Premium Access:

Purpose: $GEMAI tokens are required to acquire premium access to select AI premium features, including the Next Gem AI's Custom LLM.

Mechanism: Users need to spend $GEMAI tokens to unlock time-bound premium access to specific AI tools and services.

  1. Token Burning Mechanism:

Purpose: Token burning is implemented as a deflationary measure.

Mechanism: Users burn a certain amount of $GEMAI tokens to gain access to premium services, reducing the overall token supply.

  1. Deflationary Design:

Purpose: Encourage sustainable platform growth and align the token's value with the project's expansion.

Mechanism: The token supply is designed to decrease over time through burning, contributing to a deflationary model.

  1. Transition to Locking Model:

Purpose: Address sustainability concerns by transitioning from a burning mechanism to a locking model.

Mechanism: At a certain stage where burning is no longer feasible, users must lock $GEMAI tokens for a specific period to access premium services, contributing to a new dynamic within the ecosystem.

  1. Balancing User Benefits and Operational Efficiency:

Purpose: Ensure a balance between user engagement and operational efficiency.

Mechanism: The tokenomics are structured to provide superior value to users while promoting sustainable platform growth.

The $GEMAI token is positioned as a key element in incentivising community engagement, ensuring efficient operation of AI tools, and fostering a deflationary model that aligns with the project's growth.

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