Q4 2023:

  • Programming the first version of the Web Scrapper, analyzing extractable information on the Internet for any specific crypto-projects in NodeJS.

  • Creation and filtering of our datasets database (such as MongoDB) from projects parsed data within the scrapper framework and internal APls.

  • Writing the extended rules and weightage calculations, testing, helping the Als models analyze and score project content.

  • Back-end daemon software in continuous research for new projects datasets available on our database from the scrapper, sending processed information to all the LLM models for analysis

  • Building our web application with internal APIs to access information computed in our database, from Al result scores to private LLM content access.

  • Releasing the open-source repositories of the NextGem project on GitHub, making our scores analysis readable by anyone.

Q1 2024:

  • Designing and developing the smart contracts for the $GEMAI ERC-20 token to be deployed on the Ethereum Chain.

  • Burning deflationary mechanism on-chain through a smart contract associated with community users' wallets to access or revoke premium Next Gem AI's services.

  • Launching the MVP first version of The Next 100x Gem online linked with our APIs, database, and information on projects (Als models scoring).

  • Initiating the NextGem project across social networks to gain visibility and initiating deals to prepare the launch of the $GEMAI token with influencers and VCs.

  • Deploying the Next Gem AI's custom LLM with our Premium service using the on-chain contract accessible on our online application.

  • Kickstarting the Next Gem AI's token over the market by deploying it through a FairLaunch or a Decentralized launchpad we partnered with.

  • Deploying liquidity over a Uniswap pool, enabling the buy and sell of the NextGem token with liquidity locked over 3 years once kick-started.

Q2 2024:

  • Working on more crypto projects data sources fetching from different places, centralized or decentralized, to fetch the most possible source of info on project launch to save in our data.

  • The accuracy of our dataset is filtered and tested, updated, and improved based on new available techniques and community feedback on the current analysis state.

  • Adding more Al model sources to work with, following the latest powerful and most efficient ones, as it's moving very fast and exponentially.

  • Bringing partnerships to the NextGem ecosystem adds value and visibility to our project.

  • Exploring the listing of the NextGem token on some new centralized exchange Tier 1 or new blockchain AMM, potentially bridged on it to increase our growth.

  • Explore partnerships or integrations with existing DeFi platforms to expand the utility of $GEMAI tokens, such as enabling them to be used in liquidity pools, lending, or yield farming.

Q3 2024:

  • Working on different sources of potential analysis to be improved or added, such as the Community analysis of projects or code source, etc.

  • Introducing new user interfaces and experience improvements based on community feedback and usability studies.

  • Enhancing Al models with machine learning techniques to predict market trends and provide more accurate project evaluations.

  • Evaluating and integrating emerging blockchain technologies and trends to keep the NextGem platform at the forefront of innovation.

  • Expanding the NextGem platform to support additional languages and regions, making it a truly global tool for crypto investment.

  • Strengthen security measures and conduct regular audits and updates to protect user database behavior data.

Q4 2024:

  • Implement Al-driven recommendations to suggest potential investment opportunities based on the user's past behavior and preferences, on the web application.

  • Set up a continuous feedback loop with the community to regularly update the Al models with new data and insights.

  • Implement A/B testing and other methods to continuously improve the platform based on user interaction and success rates.

  • Introduce DAD, where the community can propose and vote on new features or changes to the NextGem ecosystem.

  • Incorporating blockchain forensic tools to track projects' history and security, offering an extra layer of assurance and trust for investors, can be an extra note as a Certik dashboard.

  • Implement machine learning algorithms to predict the potential success of crypto projects based on historical data and trends.

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