Next Gem AI's Premium grants you access to more details on our platform for each project, to restricted areas such as being able to converse with our Next Gem AI, which has direct access to all the computed results contained in our private database & more. You can subscribe to NextGem Premium over three different intervals: 1 month, 6 months & one year. Discount is applied based on duration by burning an amount of $GEMAI through a transaction on the Ethereum chain, saved on a smart contract we deployed.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the Premium services we plan to integrate in the future (or already present):

-> Accessing Next Gem AI to ask specific questions from our database dataset.

-> Sentiment Analysis from community member engagement and trustability score.

-> Further details on the project info, such as direct pros and cons designed by the different AIs and resumed info on the web application on a single click.

-> Requesting particular analysis on a specific project by providing the website link, using our LLM AI system to start a real-time analysis and provide you a note in real-time.

-> Receive alerts based on Criteria pre-setup on our application, potentially getting info on new launches that meet your conditions over socials, emails, etc. Real-time new analysis from our system, directly shared with you without extra time.

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